About Juris-M

CCBYSA Frank Bennett

Jurism is a variant of Zotero that adds adds support for legal writing and multilingual research. As far as I know, it is the only reference manager that properly supports these areas of scholarship.

The aim in development is to make only the minimal changes necessary to support legal and multilingual referencing. This reduces the effort required to maintain the project, and holds open the possibility that Zotero itself may one day merge some or all of the functionality offered by Jurism.

A consequence of the “minimal changes” approach is that Jurism plays well with existing Zotero systems. Jurism does not affect an existing Zotero database when installed, but instead creates a copy of the Zotero original; and its libraries can be synced to the user’s existing Zotero account. Jurism will continue to follow Zotero’s development.

The project began life in 2010 as the “Multilingual Zotero” plugin for the Firefox browser (MLZ). When changes to Firefox announced in 2015 threatened to make plugin distribution more difficult, the project was rebranded as “Juris-M,” and is now distributed as a standalone program only.

Frank Bennett
10 June 2019